Crutchprints in the Sand – Personal Journey Articles

Ashly’s Ashes – A video of my March 2015 sharing as Guest Speaker for Sister’s in Christ

Focus On Dancing – Why am I always smiling?  Why am I always positive even though I have had more than my share of life suffering?  Explore this topic with me here.

From A Wheel-Eyed View – My experience in using a wheelchair.  Caring what others think, swallowing our own pride, and finding self-worth in a world that bases security on physical ability.

Lost Earring, Faith Found – What do you desire?  What do you trust God for? Walking in faith but enjoying the journey along the way is a key point to this article.

Where There is a Will There is a Way – A Story Behind the Story – Living beyond suffering when things do not get easier as time goes on.  Finding ways to look on the bright side and choose a perspective that brings you to a place of peace.

A Smile Instead of a Stare – As an amputee dealing with the stares of the public eye can be degrading and humiliating.  My experience in dealing with this.

Journey of Encountering  – My testimony

He Gives and Takes Away  – Several points in my life used here to demonstrate God’s Almighty power and hand at work in both the good and the bad.

Courage to Break it Down  – We all have dreams in our hearts.  But how will we achieve those?  If they are not handed to us then we must take steps to see these manifest in our lives.

Living in Longing – The Freedom of Living in the Present – Allowing ourselves grace to feel the longings and desires of our hearts despite what society would call weakness or demand denial for.

Waiting to Live? – “Well that must be nice..”  We have all heard or said this before.  But why wait?  Begin to live your life today looking towards the horizon and invest your time in things that you will one day be at peace with yourself.

Things Break But We Don’t Have to (Part 1)  (Part 2) – When things around us go wrong do we respond or react?  Operating from a place of peace and letting go is key to remaining sane.

Attitude of Lack – Removing the Belief System – Taking a look at an attitude of “not enough (sleep, food, time, money, love, etc.) and replacing the belief system with truth.

My Kind of Love – A glimpse into my love life.  It may not be a storybook romance like we are programmed to long for but life with a disability has given me a special kind of love story.

Preparing our Nets for Harvest – We pray for revival but how can we expect this to happen without looking inside ourselves, allowing the Lord to examine our hearts, and become the people we expect others to be?

Heavenly Mindset in an Earthly Realm -Our thoughts are like trees.  Choose which ones you want to grow.

Drowning out the Noise with Stillness – Being “Still” is a lost art in this era of technology.  Choosing quiet and peace in practical ways can lead us into a much better frame of mind along with intimacy.

Fire Restoration – A testimony from my personal life, a time when we experienced a fire and God reached down and saved us.  This holy week article gives the reader a chance to reflect on the greatness and intentionality of our God.

A New Leg of My Journey – Pouring into the medical system 25 years ago by being an experimental child has been an object of debate in my life.  Today seeing the medical advances in technology and cancer treatment come full circle allows me to explore the way I was a part of a bigger picture.  This gives me boldness to begin a new journey, one I may not see the fruit of for decades to come.

Waiting in Wonder – I no longer hold onto ideas of what my destiny should look like.  Through this realization I discuss waiting on the Lord as He works my life together by weaving His plans and not my own.

Crutchprint in the Sand’s New Leg – Some heart comments from the middle of my journey to receive a new leg.  Importance of boundaries is discussed along with declaring the outcome in faith.

Why I Traded Candy Crushing for Embroidery – I noticed I was spending more and more time zoning out like a zombie into Facebook, games, etc. and less time connecting.  Through learning some new creative processes my life has been deeply enriched; here’s how!  Find the “1 Year Later Update” for this here.

Crutchprints Works with Jay Martin to Receive New Prosthetic Device – UDEL Daily article

Strengthening and Shaking of 2014 – A review of 2014 and some of the life lessons that have come from a time I felt God warned me would be a time of strengthening and shaking.

Hey!  Now Walk it out…Walk it out..walk it out… – Exploring the meaning of Walking out our Faith and moving to a place of experiencing God in the midst of what we are walking through.

Romance Based on (Dis)Ability – Redefining Romance and what it looks like for a disabled person

Cleaning out My Cabinets Like Man – Need I say more?

Jehovah-Jireh – Jesus Carries – A look at the past when I wondered where God was during cancer

Qualifying the Unqualified –  I am broken, weak, disabled, and diagnosed with PTSD.  I’m not even qualified to write and share with others…or am I?

Implementing Hope –  Are there areas of your life that you do not believe can be redeemed?  Are there areas that you just simply cannot see how God could be at work?  Do you tend to think that no matter what you do you won’t get ahead?  This article takes a look at Hope and my experience with who God really is

Prayer WORKS. Restoration is REAL because GRACE has NO LIMITS – Coming into the fullness of what it means to be under true grace and not fighting to make good things happen

The Woven Scarlet Thread of Romance – February is a month of Discernment, Refreshment, and Encouragement for me.  Take a look at these themes in my life along with some personal journal excerpts

Do You Want to be GREAT? – There is an antidote for mediocrity

I Ain’t Got a Leg to Stand On – One day I have a leg, the next day I don’t.  But that doesn’t mean God is angry or pleased at me.  Let’s be sensitive to the judgments we place on what we perceive as weaknesses in others

Just being me…leads to breakthrough? – A look at my journey through shame and guilt and being given directives of right and wrong and how that DOESN’T work

Got Peace? – My journey to understand Peace as one of God’s attributes, and more importantly, how to implement that in my life

The Tricky Troll that Takes a Toll – I have been blindsided by grief messing with my mind this fall.