Butterfly, Oh Nancy – A look at God’s heart for my friend Nancy yet I feel it applies to all of us

Greatness – Achieving Greatness and the struggles to get there

Is Walking a Right? – Written about the sacrifice and pain of something others are given freely

Memory Lane – A beautiful memoir

Warriors are Made – They are not born…are you a warrior?

Setting off a Flare – A poem of intercession

Mystery of His Love – A friend always tells me you cannot take the mystery from God

A Song to the Father of Light – The creator of all color and beauty

Preparing Your Room – A poem to our future child

Set Us Free – A cry for Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven

Woman of the Mundane – A fun poem about the joy of the everyday wife/mother

Tears in a Bottle – A poem about longing for a child

Where My Heart is Bleeding – A poem about God picking us up and healing our hearts and our story

His Thoughts – A song that flowed out of my devotional time with the Lord that reflects His thoughts about me and my journey

Snowy Wonder – I love snow!