Relational Experiences – Advice and Skills for Relationships

Making Relish while Relishing Relationship – Exploring activities that bridge the gap between people and generations.

Live YOUR Life – Review and tools from Kate Byron’s Book “What it Is” – New groundbreaking tools for learning to accept and let go so that you can be free and at peace in every situation

Subjected to Truth – A look at our codependent behaviors and skills for letting go

Chaos Free Circles – Operating from a Place of Peace – Breaking free from Chaos, codependency, and things we cannot control but still ruin our life

Operating from a Healthy Standpoint – Providing Feedback – We always want to help the people around us but when is the right time to speak up and the wrong time?

Stages of Grief and Inner Healing – A healthy look at grief, why it is essential, and how to work through it in a way that brings meaning to your life

Do Relationships Require Rescuing? – We all want to help the people around us.  But there is a time to step in and a time to love someone enough to let them walk through it on their own.  What are some of the healthy boundaries and guide points?   Let’s explore…

A Man’s Perspective:  Romance with a Disabled Woman – Visit three men from three perspectives.  Choosing a Disabled Wife, Marriage to a Woman that becomes Disabled, and Caregiving during a Temporary Disability in Marriage.

My Road to Receiving – An unexpected Blessing teaches me about receiving and how to have a Kingdom Mindset

Stitching a Garment of Praise – We are all under the same grace from God.  Do we judge others?  Do we look down on them?  Each encounter is just a stitch in the garment that one day will be turned into praise in our life and theirs

WooHoo Ministries – Let Those Shackles Go for Joy! – An interview with Tawn Battiste of WooHoo Ministries as we explore some of the tougher aspects of Joy: joy in the midst of trials, what is joy, how to get it and keep it, finding the balance of life and joy in ministry, etc.

Recognizing the Pattern of Psychological Abuse – A comprehensive list of behavioral characteristics that accompany abuse

5 Simple Ways to Increase Joy in Your Life

Friend First – Miracles Second – Let’s be true friends of the heart

Don’t Bury Your Talent! – “Live and Let Live”, “To Each His Own”.  How our behaviors and choices affect our walk with God and others

5 Steps Towards LETTING GO – Stop the nagging repetition in your mind, stop freaking out over something seemingly small.  Let’s sort the baggage.  Accompanying Worksheet.

From Victim to Victor – Overcoming the victim mindset and dealing with those who won’t