What’s Hopping – Besides Ashly?

Azores, Portugal

What is Ashly Reading?

Waiting on my library list to become available and a few books on the way, I am currently delving into the stack of magazines I have been avoiding. I enjoy BBC History Magazine very much and have been immersing myself in the various themes and articles presented in those issues. In addition, I read :

The Week magazine which is a weekly summary of issues worldwide;

National Geographic History magazine containing the amazing photography NG is known so well for and articles that go deeper than a surface scratching yet are not so complex that an issue takes more than a few hours to get through ;

Bible Study Magazine which is a themed bi-monthly magazine covering a different biblical theme and including fantastic articles and bible study that goes much deeper than surface level.

Up next:
Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your Life Depended on it by Chris Voss
Full of Angst by Holly Banks
A Royal Christmas Wish by Lizzie Shane

What is Ashly is Pondering?

This is the last week of the semester for me. I will never, never, (one more time?) NEVER sign up for 7 classes in one semester again! After this week I am off until January 13th! Focusing on Christmas gifts – I chose to do the “12 days of Christmas” for family this year. Small things I have collected all year leading up to a unique individualized gift for the 12th day are wrapped and ready to be distributed! A great and fun idea to extend the season of giving and receiving!

What is Ashly in love with?

A children’s book called A Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. It is a very sweet read for a little girl! I went through it and got a few distinct gifts from the book so that as my niece reads the book at certain pages she will stop and open the corresponding gift. A great way to bring a book to life!

What is Ashly Writing?

Final papers at the moment but that is about to wind down in a day or so.

Where is Ashly spending time?

Rick, my brother in law, and my father all went to Cabela’s last evening. As a result I was home alone and broke out a solo game called Friday. It is a single player game that I really had a great time playing even though I was all alone here! If you like games and have no one to play with – I recommend this <$15 game!

Some Fantastic Resources for you!

Discovering MErcy has some wonderful resources and so many of these are on my personal list that rather than name them I am sharing the link directly with you. This has been an engaging and life-altering resource list for personal growth. https://www.discoveringmercy.org/resources/

Dr. Michael Heiser’s Resources
With several ways of engaging including his podcast, several books, his website, youtube channel, and facebook group, this Bible Scholar introduces sound doctrine and introduces us to the ancient context of our modern bible.

N.T. Wright
Another scholar and theological teacher provides resources in the form of books, youtube videos, commentaries, and other ways of learning and gleaning the valuable message contained in the Bible.

Mindwander Subscription Box – Monthly
Dr. Sarah presents a theme for self-growth each month and curates a box for women that immerse you in skill and self care. She offers a workbook written by her each month, handpicked items (bath and body, home, accessories, etc.), and provides access to her online community with like-minded women journeying the same way you are. For less than a single counseling appointment Dr. Sarah manages to bring some great cognitive behavioral therapy skills for everyday life. (Use code: ASHLY for 10% off)