What has Ashly Hopping?

Fun Fads…

This weekend I heard the song Blessing for the first time in a church. It reminds me of a benediction given by a beloved Presbyterian Reverend Heaps when I was growing up. I’m seeking a beautiful piano arrangement via piano sheet music for this.


Burnout to Breakthrough by Eilleen McDargh

Attachment Theory by Thais Gibson

Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey

Stories We Never Told by Sonja Yoerg

Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon

Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer

How the Penguins Saved Veronica byHazel Prior

Little Creeping Things by Chelsea Ichaso


Released from a 5 day hospital stay in July with severe sepsis, I am fresh off of a miracle and feeling and seeing things differently during this time. I am appreciating life, thankful for the little things, and seeking God’s advice.

Personal Praise & Prayer Requests..

The eradication of Covid-19, healing for our economy, provision for the many doing without.

Recovery from severe sepsis hospitalization for strength, immune protection/strength, and healing.

Focus on marital relationship.


I’ve been reconciling a disconnect with my blog and readers. While I hoped that my own issues wouldn’t affect this page, it is time to share. I make an honest start here.