What’s Hopping – Besides Ashly?

Azores, Portugal

What is Ashly Reading?

Save Your Breath by Melinda Leigh – Morgan Dane book 6 is a crime series that I have not read any other books of. This was a gift so I just dived in at book 6 and found this relatively easy to pick right up. At 307 pages it is shorter than a lot of series and the author manages to keep the audience on our toes. The story evolves as lawyer Morgan Dane and PI Lance search for a mutual missing friend and true-crime writer. It is a mystery that gently leads the audience along with simple language and expected findings that keep us guessing. This was recommended as a book with a wonderful ending and I will have more to say about that when I get there!

A Thousand Roads Home by Carmel Harrington – A heartwarming story of perseverance between a woman with Autism, her son, and a homeless man she encounters. As the story unfolds and we learn the connection between the three and the way their lives are interwoven as we understand he depth of “home isn’t a place it’s a feeling”.

Up next:
No One’s Home by D.M. Pulley
Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your Life Depended on it by Chris Voss

What is Ashly is Pondering?

What is an unintentional overdose and is the labeling misleading? Is there such as thing as an unintentional overdose?

What is Ashly Working on?

Currently I’m enrolled as a full time student in legal studies. After 16 years going back to school has been a real challenge to say the least! Taking 7 classes in one semester probably didn’t facilitate much in favor or that decision.

Serving as a board member and volunteer for Discovering MErcy, a ministry that works with adult survivors of severe trauma and abuse in childhood helps to channel my passion for those affected by trauma and the long-term effects of it.

What is Ashly Writing?

A dating guide for girls with a disability is scheduled for October 19th and an exciting interview with Psychologist Dr. Sarah will go live October 29th!

My family has interesting funerals, that is a fact. I have some fantastic humorous moments composed and am putting the finishing touches on before posting. These are targeted to publish in November right in time for holiday family gatherings and will contain a few highlights you’ll want to share, I’m sure!

I’ve been focusing on developing my writing skills in a gift I received which is a writing-prompt journal.

Where is Ashly spending time?

Reading and writing mostly are consuming my free time. I happen to have a weekend break coming up and you better believe I will be monopolizing the Netflix remote – Richard Beware! I have visions of lounging all day, stuffing popcorn and chugging hot tea, pajama-based piano concert performances to the overwhelming and eager husband and neighborly applause, all occurring in my house that cleans itself.

Some Fantastic Resources for you!

Discovering MErcy has some wonderful resources and so many of these are on my personal list that rather than name them I am sharing the link directly with you. This has been an engaging and life-altering resource list for personal growth. https://www.discoveringmercy.org/resources/

Dr. Michael Heiser’s Resources
With several ways of engaging including his podcast, several books, his website, youtube channel, and facebook group, this Bible Scholar introduces sound doctrine and introduces us to the ancient context of our modern bible.

N.T. Wright
Another scholar and theological teacher provides resources in the form of books, youtube videos, commentaries, and other ways of learning and gleaning the valuable message contained in the Bible.

Mindwander Subscription Box – Monthly
Dr. Sarah presents a theme for self-growth each month and curates a box for women that immerse you in skill and self care. She offers a workbook written by her each month, handpicked items (bath and body, home, accessories, etc.), and provides access to her online community with like-minded women journeying the same way you are. For less than a single counseling appointment Dr. Sarah manages to bring some great cognitive behavioral therapy skills for everyday life. (Use code: ASHLY for 10% off)