Crutchprints in the Sand

dreaming despite disability

About Crutchprints

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03 march 2016 180piknik2My name is Ashly Ash, my husband and I live in Pennsylvania.  I fought cancer when I was 4 years old (1989) and am now a survivor of 30 years.  Prosthetically I am fitted as a hip-disarticulate amputee, when insurance does cover the expense of a leg.  The journey has not been an easy one but I am alive, smiling, full of joy, and giving God the glory! 

This blog is named “Crutchprints in the Sand” because of my love for walking the beach.  Whenever I look back I can see that I have come so far by leaning on God.

Click here for more about the story of my journey!

9 september 2015 003 piknik

My Mission:

To be immersed in the River of Life while imparting God’s grace and beauty directly to every heart encountered that they may freely receive the living waters.


 My Vision:

 In intimacy with God I will allow His internalized grace and truth bring healing transformation to my life;

I will seek/receive God’s wisdom in every situation;

 And will choose to bless and encourage those I am called to in love by my actions, writing, and creativity, using ways that impart reflection, life, and grace.


 My Values:

 I value Beauty…

In creation, in diversity, in each person encountered

 I value Wisdom…

In knowing God’s heart, His word, and His will

 I value Love…

In relationships, in marriage, in grace

 I value God’s Presence…

In time with Him, in worship, in communion

 I value Grace…

And the journey of accepting redemption

 I value Internalized Truth…

Presented in writing, in nature, in experience

 I value History…

And patterns of God’s plan woven throughout

 I value Endurance…

In challenges, in seeking truth, in choosing God’s way

 I value Creativity…

In unique expression, in craftsmanship, in writing, in photography


For a more in-depth look at my story click here!

Like my page on Facebook  for inspirational photos, quotes, notifications of new posts, and to follow my journey. 

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2 thoughts on “About Crutchprints

  1. I know that I have read your “about’ some time before, but I believe you have updated since. I wonder if you might include dates for for the original and updates…. maybe at the end? This should always include as you, I,… we become new people in Christ.

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