Book Review: Today We Go Home by Kelli Estes

In this fantastic demonstration of female strength and dedication, Larkin returns from Afghanistan with severe PTSD and depression after losing her best friend. Charged with clearing out her friend’s storage, she finds a diary from a soldier in the civil war. What makes this soldier unusual, however, is the fact that she was forced to operate under disguise due to her gender. Be prepared to fall in love with Emily and other female soldiers based on actual historical figures. Learn the hardships and the reality of coming home from the front lines. Present-day character development needs some work and several loose ends are unsatisfactorily abandoned. The sudden ending does remind me a bit of PTSD and the reality that it is not simply healed and one doesn’t ‘arrive’ but rather it is a journey. A November 2019 choice for Once Upon A Book Club, the gifts that accompanied this book were appropriate, adorable, and yummy!


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