Book Review: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

This romantic tragedy (once a banned book) tells a story in the third person via housemaid. The story of love and loss, cruelty, revenge, and returning to love we are taken on an unpredictable winding path of dissonance. Human behavior shines under the pressure of absurdity and depravity so unbelievable that we are forced to believe it. At the end I am left with conflicted thoughts and emotions, amazement, and bewilderment. I received in a Once Upon a Book Club box a spoon ladle with the first part of this book printed on it in the 2019 Advent box. Curiosity piqued, I made reading this a priority and in essence it did not disappoint. There is a reason that this is a classic, and in my own opinion it is far superior to many other romantic tragedies more commonly known.


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