Book Review: The Last Letter from Juliet by Melanie Hudson

A feature of the Once Upon a Book Club February 2020 box, this book is guaranteed to leave all readers in a flux of emotion as we laugh and cry all at the same time. Truly heartwarming and uplifting, this story is one you will want to pass on to your dearest of friends as I did. In this novel, Katherine finds herself a widow mired in grief. She is persuaded by an Uncle to come for a visit in his town. He arranges lodging in a seaside cottage, former home of Juliet. A spitfire flying girl in WWII, Juliet leaves remnants of her story all about her cottage and as Katherine explores she finds Juliet’s memoirs written in the form of letters. We journey with Juliet through the good and bad times of WWII as an orphan, and with Katherine as she strives to find the will to start living again. Without hesitation, find a yellow scarf (provided with the book in the Once Upon a Book Club box, but any yellow scarf will do!) and curl up with this extremely enjoyable fiction.


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