Crutchprints Works with Jay Martin to Receive New Prosthetic Device

Here is a link to an article recently published on UD-Daily about my experience this past week at UDEL working with inventor and entrepreneur Jay Martin (Martin Bionics) to be fitted for a new innovative type of prosthetic leg specifically geared for hip disarticulate patients.  More updates and information to come on the project!

Click Below for the article:

Pennsylvania amputee to visit BADER lab at UD’s STAR Campus to test prosthesis

October 2014 New Leg 028 October 2014 New Leg 051 October 2014 New Leg 070 October 2014 New Leg 073 October 2014 New Leg 097

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  1. Eager to hear how this turns out! so amazed and blessed by your courage, initiative, and perseverance!

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