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2 february 2015 aldjfas

Please share my poetry and writings via links on this blog with anyone you think would be encouraged!  Please also be considerate of my hard work and use my name and blog to credit my writing and photographs. 

I am available for speaking engagements if you would like to hear my story told from a humorous yet inspiring perspective or hear me speak on a specific topic.

Please contact me at or via Facebook if you are interested!

crutchprints in the sand

Any other requests including writing topic requests, questions, comments, etc. that you do not want to leave on this website can be also emailed to or sent via message on Facebook. 

Shalom to each of you as you receive God’s grace and renewal each day!


2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Ashly, I met you at the Bart Mennonite Church when we were looming hats.
    What is the cost of you speaking at a church for ladies night on a Wednesday? Our last gathering is end of May. I don’t know if all the evenings are planned for or not, but thought it would be a joy to come have you talk. I would talk to the lady in charge of women’s ministry.
    Thank you,

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