Crutchprints During the Casting Process

Hello to all of my followers!

I wanted to share this link with you to give you a bit of a peek behind closed doors at my doctor appointments.  This was taken back in October and it was during the time I was working with Jay Martin, Independence P&O, and BADER at University of Delaware.

Now since this video I have had three additional castings and as of this post I am heading down to Newark in about thirty minutes to receive my newest “test” socket (another version of what they are casting for in the video) to try out.  So while this particular leg demonstrated did not work out for me I believe it was a critical step in the process of obtaining maximal function and comfort.  I’m also happy this is coming just in time for me to start landscaping and mulching with Spring in the air!

While the casting process is a very professional environment you can still see how difficult (as a woman) and invasive it really is.  Talk about having “it all hang out”…this captures some of the process from a professional standpoint and helps my followers to learn a little bit more about Hip Disartic amputees.

Enjoy the video and Blessings on your week. I will see you next week with a new post!

Ashly’s Casting Video (Click Here)


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