Exploring the Issue: Private Foster Home Breakdown and Retention

When we went through the rigorous process to become a licensed private foster home, there was so much we didn’t know. Furthermore, there was so much we weren’t told. Things like 25% of foster homes close within the first 2.5-3.8 months. By one year another 25% close. All in all, 75% of foster homes are closed before the 2 year mark.

Why is that? Why is there an incredible amount of resources invested in the recruiting, vetting, training, and licensing process of foster homes but nearly none in retaining them? We would still be foster parents, I believe, has the system worked with us even a little bit. Instead everything was set up to fail not only the child but us as well.

This paper intends to explore that issues a little more fully and will open your eyes to what foster parents across America are saying. The document is an Adobe PDF file, viewable on most computers and phones, and under 7 (double-spaced) pages. Take a moment to explore this social issue with me…

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