Crutch and cane holders

One thing that I hate more than anything is having to lay my crutches on the ground in a public place. Who wants to have their crutch handles on the dirty ground, put their hands on the dirty handles, then rub their face by accident, or eat something? Furthermore, people are constantly tripping and falling, stepping on, or knocking away my crutches because they do not see them or forget where they are laying. When I use my scooter they are one more thing in my hands as I jostle between holding my purse, driving the scooter, and managing two crutches on top of whatever else I have going on like a kid riding on my lap or needing to open/close doors. 

I recently discovered these things, and while I am told they are presently in most hardware stores I found mine online. They are flexible and bendable, they are slip resistant, and they can be molded and attached to whatever length or shape required. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin of a cane or crutch, it doesn’t matter how high or low you need them to be. After hours of trying to invent some sort of portable crutch-holder my whole family was amazed to find such a simple solution under $10!

You can purchase or read more about these here.

Things I have successfully attached to…

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Window Sills
  • Sofa Arm
  • Side/End Tables
  • Piano
  • Church Pews
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Public Restroom (Toilet paper dispenser, hook over door)
  • Stadium Cup Holder (To keep handles off ground)
  • Scooter chair
  • Poolside (Made ‘V’ formation to prop them handles up)
  • They twist and bend – there is no end to the possibilities!

*Please remember:

a) Ashly is an amputee at nearly the hip level of her right leg, 
b) she is on crutches or in a scooter 100% of the time, 
c) Ashly has been an amputee for thirty years, 
d) Ashly is still young and active in her thirties, 
e) the crutches that Ashly uses are forearm crutches,
f) What works for Ashy may not work for you!
g) Ashly receives no incentives, gifts, or compensation for reviews, advice, or mention of any product or company in these features.

**Product, person, and organization endorsements and reviews are not compensated, neither are they to be interpreted or considered as professional, legal, or medical advice. Neither nor Ashly Ash has interests, holdings, political affiliations or other ties with persons, corporations, or other entities referenced. Neither nor Ashly Ash has received free product(s), sample(s), or compensation(s), or service(s) for postings unless otherwise disclosed

**All recommendations and advice that are posted on will be based strictly on personal experience and opinion and should not be taken or interpreted as legal or medical advisement under any circumstances.


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