Lighten Up!

My husband came across a motion-sensitive light bulb recently and purchased it for trial. Whenever I walk into the kitchen I must stop, remove my arm from my crutch, turn on the light switch, pick up my crutch, proceed. The same process occurs when I leave the kitchen. Sometimes I cheat and try to hoist my elbow and crutch to hit the switch and the beat up paint around the switch was attesting to this and looking quite rough, so I was willing to give this new bulb a try.

Motion Sensor bulbs work through this basic ceiling light cover.

He put it in the ceiling light with a tinted, textured, glass cover and we were both certain the bulb would not detect motion through the cover but lo and behold it does! Each time I walk into the kitchen the light automatically comes on and three minutes of zero detection will turn it off.

One thing to note, however, is that the light switch must be on in order for the bulb to work and detect movement. So each evening at dark we do hit the switch into the “on” position one time and leave it there until bedtime when we turn it “off”. 

This also works in lamps, but the lamp-shade or globe may impact function depending on many factors including height, transparency, location, shape, etc.

Each time a person that is disabled saves a step, saves a stop/start, we preserve our energy and capacity and longevity long term. So do yourself a favor, get one of these motion sensing light bulbs that are found in the light bulb aisle at walmart or any other hardware store. The extra two dollars is worth your body and the stress relief. 

*Please remember when considering these recommendations for yourself or a loved one:

a) Ashly is an amputee at nearly the hip level of her right leg;
b) Ashly is on crutches or in a scooter 100% of the time;
c) Ashly has been an amputee for thirty years;
d) Ashly is still young and active in her thirties;
e) The crutches that Ashly uses are forearm crutches;
f) What works for Ashy may not work for you;
g) Ashly receives no incentives, gifts, or compensation for reviews, advice, or mention of any product or company in these features.

*Product, person, and organization endorsements and reviews are not compensated, neither are they to be interpreted or considered as professional, legal, or medical advice. Neither nor Ashly Ash has interests, holdings, political affiliations or other ties with persons, corporations, or other entities referenced. Neither nor Ashly Ash has received free product(s), sample(s), or compensation(s), or service(s) for postings unless otherwise disclosed.
**All recommendations and advice that are posted on will be based strictly on personal experience and opinion and should not be taken or interpreted as legal or medical advisement under any circumstances.


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