Book Reviews: Wild Land by Rebecca Hodges

This was a truly heart-stopping page turner of a book, just like the cover promises! The characters are beautifully developed and incredibly realistic. Kat finds herself alone on retreat to contemplate end of life decisions when she has children and two dogs suddenly dumped in her lap. So much for the quiet she needed! When a wildfire cuts her and the children off from the parents and safety, Kat is forced to flee on foot with kids and dogs in tow. Based on the description I expected our main character, Kat, to be selfish and whine a lot when faced with the invasion of personal space. But Kat ended up being a lovely and genuine person willing to sacrifice herself bravely for others. Right up to the end this will be a heartwarming story that will take only a few days to work through. April 2020 brought his book to me as part of the Once Upon a Book Club box (Crutchprints Facebook for unboxing video). The gifts matched the book and included a red straw hat, hiker’s backpack, bracelets, and more. I’ll be using those items for a long time and thinking of Kat each time I do.


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