Hats Off!

Carrying an umbrella is an impossibility for someone on crutches. Making the dash from the house to the car has not always produced safe results for me, and there are some days I simply want my hair and face to stay dry. Must I explain? Anyway, I’ve experimented with several alternatives over the years, starting with the granny-style clear plastic kerchiefs that tie under the chin but drawing the line at headband-umbrellas (you’re welcome). I found this hat two years ago and it has saved my hair from matching a matted dog, kept drops off my glasses, and saved fluid mascara many times. The sides come down so if you plan on looking up a lot you won’t get a great view, but why would you look up in the rain? The wind at our Pennsylvania home is cyclonic on a good day and I have not had this baby go sailing across our neighbor’s yard with me hopping after it yet. It may slightly skew hairstyles because it is a hat, and humidity does that anyway. Affordable at under $20 (though it is now more than it was when I originally purchased) and available in more than one color, this hat will do you a solid.

You can find this hat here on Amazon.

*Please remember when considering these recommendations for yourself or a loved one:

a) Ashly is an amputee at nearly the hip level of her right leg;
b) Ashly is on crutches or in a scooter 100% of the time;
c) Ashly has been an amputee for thirty years;
d) Ashly is still young and active in her thirties;
e) The crutches that Ashly uses are forearm crutches;
f) What works for Ashy may not work for you;
g) Ashly receives no incentives, gifts, or compensation for reviews, advice, or mention of any product or company in these features.

*Product, person, and organization endorsements and reviews are not compensated, neither are they to be interpreted or considered as professional, legal, or medical advice. Neither Crutchprints.com nor Ashly Ash has interests, holdings, political affiliations or other ties with persons, corporations, or other entities referenced. Neither Crutchprints.com nor Ashly Ash has received free product(s), sample(s), or compensation(s), or service(s) for postings unless otherwise disclosed.
**All recommendations and advice that are posted on Crutchprints.com will be based strictly on personal experience and opinion and should not be taken or interpreted as legal or medical advisement under any circumstances.


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