A Bag Made For Crutches

Crutches, Walkers, Canes all share a few things in common: bags carried on them flop and bang against them, swing wildly impacting balance, and break just about anything. Enter the Advantage Crutch Bag. A bit steep in price, but a design and durability that has proven resilient enough to handle my gorilla capabilities. It allows me to go anywhere I want without the burden of managing a purse or leaving things behind. Many people that are disabled find themselves frequently waiting patiently for family and friends. For various reasons, I often find myself pushing everyone to go on ahead of me and experience the things that I can’t. “I’ll be fine,” I say, “I’m happy to sit and read!” That is why this is a game changer for me, I can now take along a puzzle, magazine, book, or whatever else by slipping it in alongside my wallet. The weight distribution is noticeably different without the pendulum affect, and I don’t find myself off-balance when walking. The leverage also makes the items being hauled seem lighter, because they are stilled and attached securely.

I have the largest size and it is not as bulky as I had anticipated. There are two smaller sizes, however, to fit the need of the walker or crutches. (I even attach this to my scooter.)

*Please remember when considering for yourself or a loved one:

a) Ashly is an amputee at nearly the hip level of her right leg;
b) Ashly is on crutches or in a scooter 100% of the time;
c) Ashly has been an amputee for thirty years;
d) Ashly is still young and active in her thirties;
e) The crutches that Ashly uses are forearm crutches;
f) What works for Ashy may not work for you;
g) Ashly receives no incentives, gifts, or compensation for reviews, advice, or mention of any product or company in these features.

*Product, person, and organization endorsements and reviews are not compensated, neither are they to be interpreted or considered as professional, legal, or medical advice. Neither Crutchprints.com nor Ashly Ash has interests, holdings, political affiliations or other ties with persons, corporations, or other entities referenced. Neither Crutchprints.com nor Ashly Ash has received free product(s), sample(s), or compensation(s), or service(s) for postings unless otherwise disclosed.
**All recommendations and advice that are posted on Crutchprints.com will be based strictly on personal experience and opinion and should not be taken or interpreted as legal or medical advisement under any circumstances.


One thought on “A Bag Made For Crutches

  1. Great post! I’m going to try the medium bag, the size seems perfect for a bottle of water for family outings during these hot days.

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