Pennsylvania Press Club Announcement

To My Dearest Followers,

Have you had a chance enjoy Crutchprint’s book published in 2020? It is worth a look as “Crutchprints in the Sand: Chest of Timeless Treasures” has now received honorable mention as the 2021 Pennsylvania Federation of Press Women’s Award. In addition, my article, “Public Whispers, Relations and Funerals” received third place in the personal blog communications category.

To get your copy of the book click here. The book includes a copy of the article.

To read a free copy of the article, “Public Whispers, Relations and Funerals” , which is included in the book click here.

As always, thank you to all of my followers, readers, and audience! Dreaming Despite Disability is my tagline, and one that you are helping to propel forward for awareness, education, and diversity.

Warmest Regards,



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