The Best You’ll Ever Have – In Crutches

In 2005 it was decided that I would be thereafter limited to using crutches for most mobility and function. I was referred by a fellow amputee friend to check out Thomas Fetterman’s crutches, and several prosthetists confirmed they were the best that money could buy. My mom helped measure me for a custom fit of titanium “gorilla” crutches and purchased them for me as a gift.

Fetterman Crutches

I never thought much more about this until coming up on 2020. These crutches are truly the most amazing investment and worth every dime spent. Yes, I’m still using the exact same pair of crutches that my mom purchased for me in 2005. If you know anything about crutches, you are reviewing that last sentence to make sure you are reading correctly. Yes, the welding is intact and I am using the exact same pair bought in 2005.

Below: 2005 a few months after receiving my crutches; 2020 pictured with the exact same pair.

Before Thomas Fetterman’s titanium forearm crutches I was discarding about one pair of aluminum crutches each month. They would snap, bend, and even break out from underneath of me. My lifestyle is active and I needed something that could take the bangs, falls, drops, heavy bags, constant movement, and accidental crunching underfoot when laid on the ground. I love the ocean, so they needed to withstand salt. I love to swim, they needed to withstand the showers at the gym and the kayaking. They have been strapped onto bikes, horses, motorcycles, go-carts, jeeps, scooters, fishing boats, and I’m sure much more – they even float! Furthermore, my doctor warned me about the breakdown in my shoulders and arms over time on crutches. These are titanium, extremely lightweight, and now when I pickup a pair of aluminum crutches I am astounded at the heaviness!

In the end, I cannot recommend these enough and would like to show you my own cost comparison of time used: 15 years x 12 months/yr = 180 months.

Thomas Fetterman Titanium Forearm Crutches: Initial one-time Cost approx. $1,145 + ($127 x 15) yrs of replacement hand grips and tips = $3,064 for 15 years or $204 per year. *Also includes 10 year guarantee.

Prescription issued Aluminum Crutches: Approx. $150 pr x 180 mos = $27,000 over 15 years or $1,800 per year. Granted, insurance would cover some of the aluminum crutches but currently my insurance will cover the amount after I pay the first $3,000/yr which means these crutches would be 100% out of pocket cost to me.

I’ll let you resolve the savings in your head on this one. If you or a loved one will be permanently using crutches, take a moment to check out Thomas Fetterman titanium crutches.

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