Book Review: Burnout to Breakthrough

This book seemed to come a bit too late for my own life, but one that is insightful and powerful. The self-reflection and encouragement in this book is empowering for even the most burnt out caretaker or career person. Laden with enjoyable and memorable quotes and jingles, McDargh allows us to slow down and appreciate that there is more to life than whatever it is keeping us busy. Taking action backed by science, McDargh recommends a clear redistribution of energy to the places we need it – steering clear of the term balance. Overall, I felt this book lacked a clear formula for breakthrough. It seemed to be without a clear strategy and focused each reader on reflection instead. Emphasizing coming up with a personal plan that works for each individual, this book is not a quick fix for those already in a hypervigilant state of crisis due to burnout.


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