It is finally here, Crutchprints in the Sand’s Chest of Timeless Treasures!

It is finally here, Crutchprints in the Sand’s Chest of Timeless Treasures! A wonderful paperback book with articles, full color photos, and more is available for purchase on Amazon. Click here to buy yours today!

This collection of timeless treasures encapsulates the love, laughter, faith, and hardships of life as a disabled woman. An amputee since the age of four, Ashly tells story after story of her adventures and adaptations to life through individual articles. Inspiring, hilarious, and stirring, this treasure chest will enrich the life of the reader in unexpected ways. Her gift for storytelling and relaying messages of hope and heart are reflected in each chapter.Ashly survived osteosarcoma cancer at the age of four and remains a high-level amputee of her right leg. Over the years, Ashly learned the way humor armed herself to accomplish the impossible tasks of life, while disarming those around her that are uncomfortable with a disability. Using that humor and faith as a bridge of connectivity, Ashly inspires everyone she meets with her positivism, humor, and kindness. This treasure chest is broken into four sections: Articles from Ashly’s unique journey, Humorous stories, Poetry, and Relational articles highlighting connectivity. Each section includes stories unique to the perspective of living with limitations. while managing to ‘dream despite disability’ as her website states. Ashly P. Ash lives in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A cancer survivor and an amputee, Ashly is the face behind Crutchprints in the Sand, a blog for humor and inspirational posts. Ashly works to bring awareness and advocacy to and for the differently abled through social platforms, speaking engagements, and writing.

*Due to the high cost of publishing, there is also a Kindle version available free to those that are a part of the Kindle Unlimited plan, and a lower cost e-book offered as well. Regardless of how you do it, take the time to enjoy this collection.


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