Tears in a Bottle

Ashly P Ash

As a woman that has struggled to have children, a poem about this desire.


Tears in a bottle

There are bottles on heaven’s shelf
holding my tears and wishes for you
someday soon I know I’ll hold you close
at least for now I’ll loudly boast
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

Never! the voices inside me speak
but my heart and soul cry out to heaven
to drop a bundle of joy out of the sky
so that I can experience a lullaby
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

Each tear is gathered from angels above
Moment by moment I know what I would share
I would pour into you the lessons of life
Promise the lord will be with you each strife
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

I dare to hope boldly before the throne
Abandoned to the King void of all pride
casting away the crown of dignity
give me this one to love infinitely
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

And deep in the nighttime nursing alone
enveloped in darkness and candlelight
I’ll sing of the goodness of He who made thee
my inheritance rock-a-bye baby indeed
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

The sacrifice of body and soul and mind
to push each generation on past mine
the love and laughter of a family
to leave some sort of good legacy
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

A little pearl presented as rare
formed layer by layer from mother’s trials
known to become the rarest of gems
worth diving deep for a glimpse of them
All in my bottle on heaven’s shelf

*Ashly P Ash


4 thoughts on “Tears in a Bottle

  1. Dear Ashly, your poetry is so expressive and creative beyond my expectations. A reflection of God’s design! My heart catches only a glimpse of what God knows completely. I join with you in great hope and prayer. Lovingly, Laurel

    1. Thank you so much for visiting Laurel! Your encouraging and kind words mean a lot! This is the launch pad for the book I will write one day so every view and opinion helps! Please stop in again!

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