To See and Be Seen…A Journey of Intimacy

This is a bible study to take a deeper look at being known by God and knowing God.  Intimacy begins with Him and the realization that He knows and loves us!
*Ashly P Ash

Landis Valley Day 032

Read Psalm 139:1-6

 God is Omniscient/All-Knowing!

How well does God know you?

What aspects of the Psalmist’s life does God know?

 Is God’s knowledge of you comforting or intimidating?  How so?

Psalm 139:7-12

 God is Omnipresent/Everywhere

Consider people who have tried to hide from God (Gen 3:8-10 Adam & Eve, Jonah 1:1-3); why did these people try to hide?  Did it work? What was God’s response to them? 


Have you ever tried to run from God or hide something from Him? Have you ever tried to hide from yourself?  Because if we can’t hide from God that means we also cannot hide from ourselves…

Is there an area in your life that is in darkness that you need to bring to God, ask for forgiveness, and allow His light to shine into? 

Psalm 139:13-18

God is Omnipotent/All powerful!

What does God’s intimate knowledge say about God’s purpose for each of us?


How does the Psalmist respond to God’s intimate knowledge of his life?


While God has planned our days we have a choice!  Is there a way you may have strayed from a part of God’s plan for your life?  Is there a purpose that you have not yet fulfilled, forgotten that it was a goal to move towards?  Is there an area of your life which you are not following God’s plan? 


List a few simple ways (consider WWJD) to get “back on track” with God’s plan:

Psalm 139:19-24

 “The Psalmist aligns himself with God by counting those who hate God as enemies.  How do you respond to people who speak against God?” (Bible Study Magazine May/June Issue)

The Psalmist closes by inviting God to examine him for any offensive ways.  Do you intentionally ask God on a regular basis to examine your heart like this?

Take a moment to ask God this question:  Lord, examine my heart.  Is there any way, action, thing, that is a part of my life that is offensive to you? 

Let’s take a moment to stop and pray.  Anything that the Lord shows you jot down below.  You may share this for prayer at the end or you may keep this between you and the Lord.

Luke 12:22-28

                 God knows what we need before we even ask!  (Mt 6:8)

                 God knows everything about us and always has yet He STILL declares us valuable!

 Thought for Closing:  We know that God knows every intimate detail about us!  He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent!  How much time do we spend in our prayer life and relationship getting to know Him better?  He knows all about us, how much do we know about Him through the Holy Spirit?!


 Souces: Bible Study Magazine, Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, Zondervan Bible Commentary


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