Snowy Wonder


There is no feeling quite as this

Of cozy and warmth, feelings of bliss

The snow that tumbles in each snowflake

As in my kitchen I long to bake

The earth is quiet in expectation

As snow blankets this part of the nation

I stand face up and full of worship

As praise pours forth in small clips


The pine trees laden with the weight

As I go forth through the frozen gate

To walk in the snow and hear the crunch

Lift up my mittens, grab flakes by the bunch

The silence that is echoed by purity

Reminds me of grace and being set free

To be captive by nature and standing still

To realize the depth of freezing chill


Many who cannot appreciate seasons

Even if they have several reasons

Cannot deny the beauty that falls

Or resent the rest brought on by stalls


Tracking the prints of deer in our woods

To stop and stand where the buck stood

His perspective through my eyes

I listen as the squirrels play and cry

The excitement shown in snow adventures

Simply cannot be easily measured

by Ashly Ash


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