Journey & Faith

Who is God to me?
Ashly’s Ashes A video Testimony
Journey of EncounteringEncountering God
Fire RestorationA miracle in our everyday lives
Strengthening and Shaking Reviewing one year and its lessons
Lost Earring, Faith Found Who do you trust to come through?
Jehovah-Jireh – Jesus Carries Where was God when I was sick?
(Severe) Sepsis and (Soulful) SentimentsMy mid-life check in with God
The Kindness CircleKindness is as Kindness does, always
Pressing through the Pain
Focus On Dancing Positive in the midst of Pain
From A Wheel-Eyed View Caring about what others think
I Ain’t Got a Leg to Stand On Things happen to the just and unjust
Where There is a Will There is a Way Story behind the story of perseverance
A Smile Instead of a Stare Responding to inconsideration
A Smidgen of a Hopeful MaybeLosing Faith in Yourself
God Is.Is God always good
The Space Between a Heartbeat and HeartbreakPregnancy loss, grief, support, understanding
Dreaming and Hoping
He Gives and Takes AwayWhen God says “no”
Courage to Break it DownAchieving dreams in small steps
Living in LongingMindfulness and our desires
Waiting to Live? Investing in your heart’s desires
Heavenly Mindset in an Earthly Realm Focusing on positive thoughts
Waiting in Wonder Let go of preconceived notions
Qualifying the UnqualifiedBe brave and face your destiny
Implementing HopeA fresh infusion
Do You Want to be GREAT?An antidote for mediocrity
Sentimental SurprisesReceiving Miracles
Life Skills
Attitude of LackLetting go of a defeatist mindset
Things Break, We Don’t Have to (Part 1)  (Part 2) Maintaining peace
Cleaning out My Cabinets Like ManStereotypical and practical cleaning
Preparing our Nets for Harvest Looking inside yourself first
Why I Traded Candy Crushing for Embroidery
Find the “1 Year Later Update” for this here
Time management
Drowning out the Noise with StillnessThe lost art of a quiet heart
Just being me…leads to breakthrough? Shame and guilt don’t help
Got Peace? Implementing calm
The Tricky Troll that Takes a TollBlindsided by grief
From the Ground UpGrowth and seasons of life
To Unmask = Sin and Poor Witnessing?Using scripture out of context to judge others.
Fear Not: Letting the Leaves FallSeasons of Life, Autumn
A Day in the Life of a Legless FarmerI spent a day in the life of a legless man, my great grandfather, and it wasn’t easy!
My Kind of LoveMarriage for a disabled woman
Romance Based on (Dis)AbilityRedefining Romance
The Woven Scarlet Thread of Romance A sappy story
General Thoughts
Foster Home RetentionReasons 75% of foster homes close in two years and how can we fix it?
Was the Bill of Rights Necessary?Do we have a government that can do only what we permit, or one that can do anything unless forbidden?
Am.-Japanese Internment – Can it happen again?Are there really safeguards to prevent it?
America’s Confusing Sub-national GovernmentsAdvantages and disadvantages of Bicameral System
Redundancy in our BureaucraciesBureaucracy, Schmureacracy
Short Story – Fostering the Road to NowhereFoster care from a child’s perspective

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