Why I Traded Candy Crushing for Embroidery – 1 Year Later (Update)

Why I Traded Candy Crushing for Embroidery – 1 Year Later (Update)

Many of you remember my previous article on this subject.  The update here is based on the original article which you can find by clicking here

2 feb bedspread

It has been a full year since I decided to give up computer games and Facebook games. Being the wife of a Truck Driver I wasn’t sure I would be able to stand the test of time due to the long hours I spend alone here. Truly this experiment has surprised me and my husband as I have not once faltered or even been tempted to download a new game app!

I find myself more positive than ever as I am quick to process the activities of my day while embroidering, crocheting, and loom knitting. Even when I am down in the dumps finishing a project will instantly lift my spirits and give me the same sense of satisfaction that I receive when exercising! Of course I cannot prove the science behind this but it has proven true in my own experience time and again. Throughout this process I have branched out and learned new techniques, stitches, patterns, and challenges in ways that grow my skills and keep me thinking outside of the box. Another positive thing about this is that I always have an arsenal of gifts to give away and bless others with. I used to scramble for a hostess gift but now have a closet full of options and ways to bless others in a way that goes beyond the simplicity of spending money.  Even my dogs are finding some fresh apparel from some of my “ends”.

4 April 167

Speaking of my arsenal of finished projects, it is way too large. That is the sole down-side to this experiment (hoarding yarn certainly doesn’t count as a downside, right?). I must now find a place to sell many of the blankets and bigger items that I have made. While many become gifts for loved ones and are made with their particular color palette in mind, many more are combinations that I found on sale and put together during the long evenings I spend alone. But who is going to complain about having things to sell and make a little cash to cover cost?


All in all I can honestly say I feel a rewarding sense of peace and a stretch of my gift in giving during this past year. So if you find yourself watching TV a lot during the winter (I now will leave the television or music on in the background sometimes) and want something to show for your time spent I encourage you to buy a loom kit or find a friend that knows how to embroider/crochet and get started. Donating to the homeless, making your own gifts, and having so much to show for your time will reward you and bring you closer to God’s heart than you ever have been.


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