Set Us Free

See Us Free
Ashly P Ash

There’s a way for kingdom come
There’s a way that things get done
No one simply happens upon
Things are not manipulated by con
Though many are blind to see
It is the measure of bended knee

Though at first only seen by some
In the end will be doubted by none
Peace and love the way the world speaks
But haven’t they noticed this jug has a leak?
Jesus please be all you can be
Of this mindset make us be free

Leaves of all plants reach for the sun
Clouds of cotton act as if hung
Running in fields to be part of this sight
But knowing it is from the Father of lights
One with my body as the sweat beads
Feeling provision for every last need

Society seems to be so numb
We don’t even fathom the meaning of crumbs
It wouldn’t be bad to rely on each other
To take things in stride and hear all our brothers
Lord bring your truth, bring it in speed
There are many whose hearts until then will bleed

So there is a way for kingdom come
Lord show us how thy will be done
In your heavenly eyes show us the measure
By which you count heavenly treasure
By the name of our Jesus darkness will flee
The name of your son, our only creed

*Ashly P Ash


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