Warriors are Made

This Poem is in conjunction with my recent writing:  “Operating from a Healthy Standpoint – Giving Feedback”.  (https://crutchprints.com/2013/11/14/operating-from-a-healthy-standpoint-providing-feedback/)

Warriors are not born

Warriors are Made

It is so hard to hear you speaking like this

I really can’t see how you can miss

The point and the pity is all that you gain

Emptiness really one in the same

Are you ready for change and ready for light

Or must we again go through your plight

I know it is tough, no one better than me!

But I’m at my capacity to make you see


Jesus can change but you must rise up

You must decide enough is enough!

Rise up to the challenge; take responsibility

Your Father will guide you infinitely

But really this triangle here is a bust

I’m stepping out of it, really I must

Don’t you realize you aren’t the center

Help and suggestions you merely banter

One must resign from all excuses

From all the distractions and hopeless muses


Stand up and fight and choose to live life

Realize your words can be a great knife

You are responsible for the way you turn out

God gave you that choice so don’t simply pout

Warriors are made they are not born

They don’t sit around feeling forlorn

They rise up in courage and in faith they know

Wherever they stand the true Lord will show


There is no time for drama, no time for shame

Don’t even try this time to shift blame

Just rise up, stand tall; He won’t let you fall

Ready for battle, listen for the call

Defeat is not a word in our vocabulary

Victory comes as you set your mind free

All chords of oppression; all strings of doubt

In Jesus name be broken; Love’s what it’s about

Freedom isn’t free but is taken by love

Creativity come forth!  Fly as a dove

Lord use all our pain and help us to know

With the river of life we are choosing to flow



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