Memory Lane

Memory Lane – Ashly P. Ash

fall 2013 029

Today I strolled on down the lane

Was filled with pain to my disdain

Physically I was so distraught

As each and every step I fought

But there with me was a precious child

One so sweet, meek and mild

I knew that I must carry on

But in this chess game I was the pawn

We played a game then as we walked

Memory lane is what it was called

Every tree that we passed by

And every vibrant leaf as it died

We hung a memory from our past

Part of the mold which we were cast

The colors of fall surrounded us

And carry on I knew I must

Starting young and thinking back

Memories came as I got the nack

My grandmothers’ affection I placed high

While remembering them with a sad sigh

Picking flowers as a small girl

Watching mom make my hair curl

Each forming moment we hung in the air

Settling on the breeze with care

And as we walked and with laughter smiled

I realized this may be a memory for this child


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