Shaking and Strenghtening of 2014

God has known from the very beginning what this journey would be for me. And so much has changed this year. It has been a year of shaking just as He promised.

Warriors are Made

This Poem is in conjunction with my recent writing:  “Operating from a Healthy Standpoint – Giving Feedback”.  ( Warriors are Made It is so hard to hear you speaking like this I really can’t see how you can miss The point and the pity is all that you gain Emptiness really one in the sameContinue reading “Warriors are Made”

Warriors Running to Victory – David and Goliath

Warriors Running to Victory – David and Goliath  by Ashly. P. Ash Excerpt from Graham Cooke: Qualities of a Warrior (Interactive Journal) p91  “Spiritual warriors give courage to people.  They are refreshing to be around.  They have that sense of being indomitable, impossible to subdue.  Soldiers line up behind warriors because they know there isContinue reading “Warriors Running to Victory – David and Goliath”