Butterfly, oh Nancy

This is a poem that I wrote for my friend Nancy.  She has been a very dear friend of mine for the past ten or so years.  She is always inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting.  As I scuttled around the house one morning this poem and picture was in my mind for her.

It is such a beautiful picture of Father’s love for us that I want to share it here.  As you read it, insert your own name and allow the Holy Spirit to wrap you in His special embrace.


Butterfly, Oh Nancy

Oh Nancy you are so special to me

I see you as a butterfly wishing to be free

In cobwebs you’ve been hung up for so long

And now I see you singing a new song

The beauty in triumph, the beauty of your wings

Yet struggles are sticky and to you they cling

To see the spider heading towards you to bite

Butterfly, Oh Nancy you don’t have to fight

The radiant beauty you have from above

Has given you this incredible attitude of love

To know you is to truly experience

As if to sit and share on a bench

Your Father is here he is watching each step

Butterfly, oh Nancy, in surrender you are kept

The way you look at life with such mystery

The visions of your mind the way things should be

Scouring your world for images to post

Your reflections and learnings of which you boast

I see the promises of God stretching before

As you fly in the sun and look up for more

Butterfly, oh Nancy, don’t short yourself

Your tears are in a bottle on heaven’s shelf

Let the wind of the Spirit take you up by your wings

As you smile in the true Son, feel what that brings

Your legacy is in process and nothing is lost

Bursting from your cocoon you know what it cost

But now it is over and there’s nothing to left to do

Now you can experience life anew

Do you hear the whisper, calling your name?

Butterfly, oh Nancy, your life I frame


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