Qualifying the Unqualified

Qualifying the Unqualified The past several weeks I have been struggling with back pain on top of everything else. Not the typical ache but excruciating stabbing pain taking place in muscular areas. The doctor decided that my fake leg and forearm crutches were responsible for the healing lapse and advised me to “get off myContinue reading “Qualifying the Unqualified”

Warriors Running to Victory – David and Goliath

Warriors Running to Victory – David and Goliath  by Ashly. P. Ash Excerpt from Graham Cooke: Qualities of a Warrior (Interactive Journal) p91  “Spiritual warriors give courage to people.  They are refreshing to be around.  They have that sense of being indomitable, impossible to subdue.  Soldiers line up behind warriors because they know there isContinue reading “Warriors Running to Victory – David and Goliath”