To be given a lot we must start with a little

We must nurture that little each jot and each tittle

And as we continue to express gratefulness

Character is formed into faithfulness

The quiet still moments that no others see

Little do you know will then set you free


To care for this little given in trust

And multiply this while keeping from lust

Our Father in heaven is watching each move

He knows when we take each bump and each bruise

Promotion will come when we least expect

As a reward for choosing not to fret


The little we are given with labor of love

Will one day go free and fly as a dove

Greatness does not come in big boxes

But wears as a belt with equal notches

The perception of man is not accurate

It doesn’t ever help to have greedy fits


The small and mundane may be the present

So we must careful not to show resent

Our souls will enlarge as the Spirit resides

We will feel no reason to hide

Then as resources are passed along

Growing into greatness will be our song


For many have received before their time

And destruction came and went down their line

For greatness is never in things measured

But internal growth that brings the Lord pleasure

Thanksgiving breeds intimacy with our King

Then influence comes as a natural thing


So today as you travel and think of your plight

Be sure to give thanks and know it is right


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