From Victim to Victor

I have been thinking a lot lately about what separates those who succeed and live full/happy lives straight to the end from those that seem stuck in a circle of sabotage and bad luck for the rest of their lives.  This discussion was provoked by my husband’s new job. In it, he works with manyContinue reading “From Victim to Victor”

Recognizing the Pattern of Psychological Abuse

There are times I hear stories from friends or acquaintances and want to reach out and let them know that they are experiencing Psychological Abuse. Of course it is not always easily said, especially when a person is not yet ready to hear the truth or ready to recognize it (let alone stand up forContinue reading “Recognizing the Pattern of Psychological Abuse”

Do Relationships Require Rescuing?

***The below is one “crutchprint in the sand” of my personal life.  I am not an expert or a therapist but am only speaking from personal experience and observation.  I do not expect complete resignment to the statements below.  My plan for the below is that it become a work in progress as I growContinue reading “Do Relationships Require Rescuing?”