Preparing Your Room

Preparing Your Room  Ashly Ash We have been switching the two rooms upstairs and preparing one of them for a child.  Though this has not materialized at this point we are taking a step of faith and preparing the way.  No matter how our child comes (by natural way or adoption) we are longing forContinue reading “Preparing Your Room”

From a Wheel-Eyed View

From a Wheel-Eyed View – Ashly P. Ash I am honest enough to admit one flaw that I have;  I have always cared a great deal what others think of me.  This has been a detriment through my life, just ask my family.  Maybe it comes from being different and an amputee from the ageContinue reading “From a Wheel-Eyed View”

Set Us Free

See Us Free Ashly P Ash There’s a way for kingdom come There’s a way that things get done No one simply happens upon Things are not manipulated by con Though many are blind to see It is the measure of bended knee Though at first only seen by some In the end will beContinue reading “Set Us Free”

Do Relationships Require Rescuing?

***The below is one “crutchprint in the sand” of my personal life.  I am not an expert or a therapist but am only speaking from personal experience and observation.  I do not expect complete resignment to the statements below.  My plan for the below is that it become a work in progress as I growContinue reading “Do Relationships Require Rescuing?”

Explosive Alert!

One of the things I hope to do on this site is smile about some of the things that have happened to me and are unique to my situation as an amputee. My husband and I were in the Philadelphia airport en-route to Seattle.  Now anyone familiar with prosthetics would be well aware that airportContinue reading “Explosive Alert!”

Woman of the Mundane

Ashly P Ash This is a humorous poem about waiting for things… Woman of the Mundane As I perform the tasks of each day I seriously wonder if I’m headed the right way Is there a purpose in all things mundane Or am I driving myself insane I wonder what outcome the average day willContinue reading “Woman of the Mundane”

Tears in a Bottle

Ashly P Ash As a woman that has struggled to have children, a poem about this desire. Tears in a bottle There are bottles on heaven’s shelf holding my tears and wishes for you someday soon I know I’ll hold you close at least for now I’ll loudly boast All in my bottle on heaven’sContinue reading “Tears in a Bottle”

To See and Be Seen…A Journey of Intimacy

This is a bible study to take a deeper look at being known by God and knowing God.  Intimacy begins with Him and the realization that He knows and loves us! *Ashly P Ash Read Psalm 139:1-6  God is Omniscient/All-Knowing! How well does God know you? What aspects of the Psalmist’s life does God know?Continue reading “To See and Be Seen…A Journey of Intimacy”

The 1st and Greatest Commandment

This Bible study is about Loving God first and foremost in our life!   When our life is in bunches we can only choose to love and worship one thing at a time!  Make God a priority! *Ashly P Ash Read Exodus 32: 1-30  –          When did the Israelite’s decide to build an idol?  –          ThinkContinue reading “The 1st and Greatest Commandment”

Focus on Dancing

“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” (Psalm 16:11) I often get a lot of questions from people in regards to happiness.  I tend to be a very happy and upbeat person most of the time. I’mContinue reading “Focus on Dancing”