You know you are an amputee when…Part III

You know you are an amputee when…Part III …You wanted to participate in Karate as a kid but were sent to the Partial Arts center instead …You randomly scratch your head and say “I think I’m missing something” …Your friends tell you to “hop in the car” you quite literally hop in …Anytime you goContinue reading “You know you are an amputee when…Part III”

Waiting to Live?

Waiting to Live? Lately I have felt led to volunteer at a local Retirement Home.  I have been playing piano for the retirees and then visiting with them after.  Nearly every resident that I speak to seems to feel the harsh reality that end of life care can bring.  The reality that there really seemsContinue reading “Waiting to Live?”

Is Walking a Right?

~I wrote this poem today.  I had driven two hours to see my prosthetic provider and was a little early.  As I sat in the car dreading the moment of walking in and going through the emotional trauma yet again this came pouring out of me onto the paper I managed to gather from aroundContinue reading “Is Walking a Right?”

Journey of Encountering

Daughter of John C. Duncan, III and Sandy L. Duncan, I was raised on the truth and treasures imparted by Little Britain Presbyterian Church (about half a mile from my home as a child).  When I was 4 years old I fell on the preschool playground and hit my knee.  After two weeks of painContinue reading “Journey of Encountering”

You know you are an amputee when…Part II

You know you are an amputee when…Part II by Ashly P. Ash …You are not all right and you are more than half left …The signature party costume you wear is the Leg Lamp from Christmas Story …You feel you already have a leg up on new projects …There has been some sort of prankingContinue reading “You know you are an amputee when…Part II”

You know you are an amputee when…

Being an amputee I feel that humor is such an important part of life!  None of these things are to “make fun” of or insult other amputee/handicap people but rather are things that at one point or another I have come across in my own experience and thoughts.  Enjoy a smile today! You know youContinue reading “You know you are an amputee when…”

From a Wheel-Eyed View

From a Wheel-Eyed View – Ashly P. Ash I am honest enough to admit one flaw that I have;  I have always cared a great deal what others think of me.  This has been a detriment through my life, just ask my family.  Maybe it comes from being different and an amputee from the ageContinue reading “From a Wheel-Eyed View”

Explosive Alert!

One of the things I hope to do on this site is smile about some of the things that have happened to me and are unique to my situation as an amputee. My husband and I were in the Philadelphia airport en-route to Seattle.  Now anyone familiar with prosthetics would be well aware that airportContinue reading “Explosive Alert!”